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Gran Morgueino

I have mixed feelings about that title. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of altering a film’s genre by rearranging clips in the movie. I have never actually edited a video before, but I have used other Adobe … Continue reading

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Comic coexistence

I was exposed to comic books at a fairly young age. I’m not exactly sure when this was, but I had definitely already begun reading comics sparingly during middle school. I never really got into reading them; I owned fairly … Continue reading

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Star Wars: My Lifelong Companion

Okay, so maybe not for my entire life. However, I was introduced to Star Wars at a very young age by my parents; possibly six or seven years old. I thought they were good movies, and very memorable. They have … Continue reading

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How to be Wrong About the Same Thing Differently: Doomsday Prophets

Over the course of time, there have been many prophecies of the end of the world, or at least human kind. It is a trend that has lasted thousands of years, and there are two common threads that tie them … Continue reading

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Top Rated Blog Post of the Year! (Just don’t ask for a source)

Contemporary television shows love to boast of top ratings. Whether it be most popular, most watched, best new drama, or any one of numerous categories, every show likes to say it’s the top of something, as Glee does here with … Continue reading

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Just a city boy..

named Alec Barnett. I’m a freshman here at Trinity University, and I am enjoying all of the experiences. I have an older brother who goes here that is a senior, so Trinity is already familiar to me. I come from … Continue reading

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