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Fittingly and finally, the end is near.

This apocalypse-themed course is reaching its final cadences as the semester drives toward the climactic and stressful finals season. I appreciate the structure of this course–finishing projects early spares us an extra burden during such a hectic time. I can … Continue reading

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A Horrific Feast

It’s interesting to consider that our fears could be generated by memories of fictional experiences rather than actual experiences. But that is what so many horror movies are based on—recycled disturbing or overly-naïve characters deliver gruesome and suspenseful plots that … Continue reading

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Y: Not Read More?

I have always felt that the term “comic” had a mildly dated connotation, nostalgically recalling newspaper funnies and aging collections. What some call “grown-up” comics I have most often heard referred to as graphic novels, and I was fortunate enough … Continue reading

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I Always Wanted to be a Princess

In elementary school, when it became cool to play Star Wars on the playground at recess, the obvious choice was to be Princess Leia.  Unfortunately, in the male-dominated star-culture of these movies there is very few desirable parts for the … Continue reading

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Let’s All Eat Mushrooms and Meditate.

2012 will be the year of massive death, intergalactic transcendence, and hallucinogenic drugs. At least that’s the impression I’ve gathered from my recent internetical exploration of apocalyptic theories. First impression: there’s a lot out there. Theories stem from theories that … Continue reading

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Top 40 Formula: The “Boom Boom Pow” Effect

I’m not sure when “popular” and “mainstream” became derogatory terms for music, but I will guess that somewhere around this time music consumers became aware of what I call the “Top 40 Formula.” My theory is this: at any specific … Continue reading

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A Short Attempt at Self-Identification

Hello, all. My name is Clarissa Osburn, but most call me Claire. I am a junior at Trinity University, with a double major in English and Communications and a minor in Music. I sing in two choirs and am also … Continue reading

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