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The Spirit of COMM 2302

I still remember the first time I blogged at the beginning of the semester, and I can’t believe that this will be my last blog post for this class. We have exhaustively covered a significant amount of material both in … Continue reading

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What a Titanic Heartbreak!

I was looking forward to working on this video project as soon as it was mentioned in class. I had just watched 2012 (2009)  (click on the link to watch its trailer) and The Day After Tomorrow (2004) (click on … Continue reading

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The Return of the Comics

My previous experiences with comics could be classified as quite limited. The only comic that I have read substantially is called Tinkle Digest, which is an Indian monthly magazine containing several comics as one-off stories featuring regular characters that appear … Continue reading

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What’s all this fuss about Star Wars?

Having spent my childhood in Tanzania, I had barely heard about Star Wars. In fact, I do not recall coming across any references to Star Wars. My only exposure to Star Wars comes from class readings and video clips viewed … Continue reading

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2012 (It Ain’t The End)

You might recognize the title of this blog post as the name of a song by Jay Sean and Nicki Manaj. The year 2012 is referred to in a song and this might suggest that there is something catchy or … Continue reading

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Sex Sells: Tricked into Buying More Than We Should

Images and sounds that are sexual have been utilized in order to shape and influence the audience’s reaction. This is similar to the way laughter tracks take advantage of the “worst qualities of insecure people” according to Klosterman’s book called … Continue reading

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A Little Bit About Myself in My Own Words

Greetings! My name is Dushyant Pattni and I am a senior who is double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. I was born and brought up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Many people have confused my country of birth to be … Continue reading

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