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This semester was nothing but a simulation of reality…

This semester has been pretty fantastic. I really did enjoy taking this course. The media has always been interesting to me, and if this class is indicative of the other courses in the Communication major, I know the rest of … Continue reading

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The Zoolander Identity

I was both excited and nervous when I found out we were going to have a movie mash-up project. I’m a bit of a YouTube junkie, so I love watching the various mock-trailers produced by the magic of video editing. … Continue reading

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Picture Books: Not Just for Kindergarteners?

Comics have never really been my thing; although I’ve always been fascinated by illustrations in books. I always really liked superheroes and their adventures as well. I spent many Saturday afternoons watching cartoons based on Justice League comics. I only … Continue reading

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Yoda? Is that some kind of dessert?

So, apparently, there has been a battle between the very essences of good and evil raging in a galaxy far, far away. But this galaxy’s distance from my own has caused its happenings to be rather irrelevant to my life. … Continue reading

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Smile, It’s the End of the World.

People have an eerie attraction to the idea of the apocalypse. The theme recurs all over popular culture: in video games, movies, and science fiction novels. According to Jean Baudrillard, all people subconsciously desire some kind of cultural breakdown: “Allergy … Continue reading

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Not so epic, is it?

Music has a way of affecting the listener’s mood. Thus, a movie’s soundtrack is one of its most important manipulating features. Epic films like Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean are just as well-known for their scores … Continue reading

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She’s Purdy Cool…

Hi everyone! I’m Elisabeth Purdy and I’m a freshman here at Trinity. I was born and raised in Southern California–San Diego, to be more specific. I live in Oceanside, a beachside city full of Marines, surfers, and stoners. As you … Continue reading

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