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Post it to the Whirlwind!

The conversation around Post-Modernism reeled me in the most. It’s totally complicated, diverse, completely confusing and yet so relevant that one can’t help being pulled in. It was especially fascinating to bring in these myriad perspectives as laid out in … Continue reading

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Making Eternal Moonshine

This assignment allowed me to more intricately explore elements I like and dislike about movies. I noticed that some of my favorite films are ones with little dialogue and exquisite musical scores (think No Country For Old Men and Tree … Continue reading

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A Sea of Mystery, Comically Speaking

I didn’t read comic books as a kid – I authored them. Okay, Okay… that may sound a little pretentious. Allow me to dismount from my pompous chair now – such a remark deserves an explanation. More seriously, comic books … Continue reading

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Walk like an Ewok.

Plunging into my early memories of Star Wars is proving more difficult than I first imagined. My early impressions of the trilogy are distorted by clips from the Star Trek series. I want to say I was first exposed to … Continue reading

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This time, right here.

What I found most diverting upon entering the conversation about the end of the world is the attempt by theorists to mark “the end” for a specific day. The arbitrariness is laughable. Consistently, these concrete end-of-the-world dates are made by … Continue reading

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Sex Tape?

People my age often demonstrate a mistrust for corporate advertising. We are familiar with the persuasions and advertising strategies these corporations employ, and understand their mission to attract us. Chuck Klosterman elaborates this point in his essay “It Will Shock … Continue reading

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Me, quickly.

Hello all, my name is Stephen Bryden McClure. However, I prefer to be called by my middle name, Bryden. I’m a Junior English and Communication double major. I was born in Austin, but before I can remember my parents moved … Continue reading

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