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Semester Highlights

This course introduced me to a wide range of topics and issues that I never could have thought of studying. For example: Understanding Comics, Spirit of Terrorism, and Video Games as Vehicles for Propoganda— where else would you read about … Continue reading

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X-Men Trailer Remix

Video editing is not something that I do regularly, and the little experience that I do have has been on a Mac with programs such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Thus, doing an editing project using Adobe Premiere forced … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Appreciation for Comic Books

As a kid that was always trying to fit in the “popular” social groups, comics for me were taboo. I knew to stay away from them because I wasn’t about to turn into one of those super-geek comic con fanatics. … Continue reading

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Star Wars – I Know It’s Great, I Just Don’t Care

The strange thing about my experience with Star Wars (the original trilogy) is that I have never watched the movies all the way through in one sitting, but I have been able to pick up all the important quotes, the … Continue reading

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These negative sunspots are a real bummer.

The speculation of a possible 2012 apocalypse, believe it or not, is still an active topic of discussion. There are a wide range of pretty farfetched reasons why people have grasped onto the idea that 2012 is a critical time … Continue reading

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The Official Nonsense of _______

The Klosterman piece about laugh tracks was a great indicator of one of the many shameless tactics that mass media uses to manipulate its audience to feel a certain way towards their product. In his case, television shows that use … Continue reading

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Trella the Truth

Hello, my name is Kyle Trella and I am a junior here at Trinity University.  I was born and raised in the Phoenix, AZ area and was drawn to this school for its academics as well as its great football … Continue reading

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