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Where Has College Gone?!

I can’t believe it is December.  For me, this means I am only one semester away from being a senior in college.  I remember seeing the older siblings of my friends going through this stage and thinking that they were … Continue reading

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Mean Girls Are Still Mean

Honestly, hearing we had a video editing project was terrifying.  I have tried to use Adobe Photoshop and could never figure it out so I figured Premier was going to be a nightmare. 

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Comics Can Be Interesting?

I admit, the only comics I have read are the ones in the comics section of the newspaper.  I have never been much in to comics but I’m sure if there was a good one I would be able to … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t want a Lightsaber?

My Mom is a Star Wars nerd and so is my Dad for the most part.  We don’t just own the movies; we have all of the novels that delve in to the Star Wars universe after the movies were … Continue reading

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One Theory to Rule them All

Apocalypse theories are funny things.  I’m always curious about how predictors and believers feel the day after.  Isn’t it depressing for them to run around saying that the world is ending and then it isn’t?

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Another Quote Bites the Dust

Politicians, celebrities, and regular people have all been victims of the quote taken out of context.  Everyday a newspaper, magazine, or TV show uses a sound bite to be the most sensational or controversial media outlet.  Politicians use them in … Continue reading

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“Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming”

Hello everyone!  My name is Mary Price and I am a junior here at Trinity majoring in Economics and doing Pre-med.  I am from Springfield, Missouri, which is famous for two things (Click here and here to see what they … Continue reading

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