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Behind the Scenes

Before this project I had never directly worked on creating a movie. I was honestly pretty intimidated by the prospect of having to create my own movie with the deliberate intention of going against the intended theme. But in the … Continue reading

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New Horizons

Let me begin by commenting on the fact that I have never once been bored while in this class.The material we cover in class is always new, and the presentation of it is rarely boring. I would have to say … Continue reading

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Y: Choose Comic Books?

To me, when someone says the the words “Comic Book”, my mind focuses on books such as Calvin and Hobbes and Foxtrot. These are the comic books of my youth, the comic books that I love. I didn’t have Superman … Continue reading

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It’s a Trap!

Being number four in a family of six kids it’s no wonder that I was introduced to Star Wars at an early age. I literally thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen and quickly became crazy for … Continue reading

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Its the Aliens, Man

So when speaking about a 2012 end of the world situation, the first thing that pops to everyone’s mind is MAYANS. These historic Native Americans which still thrive in America today are the whole reason that people are caught up … Continue reading

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Setting the Mood

There’s nothing more annoying for me then to see a movie or newscast but not be able to hear it. Even if I’ve seen the movie before and know exactly what is happening, there’s just an essential piece missing. This … Continue reading

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My World

This blog posting is probably gonna totally suck but here goes. My name is Richard Johnson and I was born in Houston, Texas. I’ve been going to St. John’s since I was in kindergarten until I was a senior. I’m … Continue reading

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