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A fond farewell

It’s the last blog post, a short but sweet one.  I wish we had taken some time to examine not just social memes, but internet memes as well, such as Courage Wolf or trolling. Some of the trends with them … Continue reading

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Theres a monster inside all of us….

I have done video editing before, but not in a while. I used to make game-play videos for the computer game Counter-Strike. This involved recording gameplay video, turning it into a series of screenshots, compiling all of the screenshots into … Continue reading

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Comics Connection

I love comic books. Comic books have been a part of my life for quite a while now. When I was about 8 years old, my dad took me with him to a comic shop, and introduced me to the … Continue reading

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You can be a Jedi too

I, like many others, do not remember my first encounter with Star Wars. I have always known it. Since I was little I had Star Wars items, played video games, and watched the movies. I played a lot of the … Continue reading

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Rapture, making a victory lap

End of the world prediction have been around pretty much as long as people have. This brief list shows a few, a very few.  The Romans predicted the end of the world, as did early Christians. Nostradamus was famous for … Continue reading

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Every day, all the time, the media manipulates us. From laugh tracks to screen focus, the media is all about manipulation. You can’t have persuasion without manipulation. How else do you convince someone to think the opposite of what they … Continue reading

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Call me Noble Six

Hello, my name is Travis Benavides. I was born in Pensacola, Florida 22 years ago today(8/28), along with my sister. I am the absolute baby, even my twin sister is older by two minutes. I have one brother and sister … Continue reading

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