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This is the End …

Is this class really coming to an end? I wish time had a “slow-down” button! I would love to have more time to further enjoy the pleasures of this course, and of course, have more time to study for finals. … Continue reading

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William Wallace the Heartless!

When I heard that we were doing a video editing project, I was flabbergasted. I had previously made music video mash-ups using Windows Movie Maker, but I never had the opportunity to use a professional program like Adobe Premiere Pro … Continue reading

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Who Said Tigers Couldn’t Talk?

Growing up, reading was forced upon me. My parents were those fanatics who believed free time equated to book time. However, I was never really fond of books that were too wordy, relatively speaking. As such, I always managed to … Continue reading

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I have joined the Dark Side! Who’s with me?

I was first introduced to the Star Wars film series a long time ago, in a day care center far, far away. I was probably six, or perhaps seven years old. I see my memory eludes me. The pattern of … Continue reading

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Going Out With A Bang!

The common trend in apocalyptic theories nowadays focuses on the Long Mayan Calendar, which marks December 21st, 2012 as the end of the calendar cycle. However, the interpretation of this “end time” is varied, contributing to a wide array of … Continue reading

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Is it all fake? Labeling is mind control.

We live in the Information Age, where technological innovation has led to the kingship of the media enterprise. To a certain extent, media controls us – it directs our behavior, influences our decisions, and necessitates our wants. A large arsenal … Continue reading

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The Asian Cowboy

Howdy! My name is Vincent Lo, and I am a senior here at Trinity University. I was born in Houston, but currently reside in Sugar Land, Texas. I am ethnically Chinese. I major in psychology. Speaking of which, communication and psychology … Continue reading

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