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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s comic books!!

Like many of you have probably thought at one point or another, I always have thought that comic books are for nerds.  I always watch TV shows or movies that in some way seem to reference, both indirectly and directly, … Continue reading

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Star Wars, Star Trek. . .Who Really Knows the Difference?

I must admit that I have never seen an entire Star Wars movie. My dad tried to introduce them to me when I was younger, but I could not get into them at all. My younger brothers seemed to like … Continue reading

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“Homer, you’re singing the theme song right now!”

There’s a wonderful moment in The Simpsons where Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders are having to journey out into the thick snow, and Ned complains that Homer no longer has the plow from his short-lived snow plow business (one of … Continue reading

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