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Stop River Tam: Serenity Remix Trailer

The thing about video editing is that the techniques that make it up are really deceptively simple. Cut clips, put them together, add shifting and music and cobble together sound clips. It’s all extremely simple, and I found Adobe Premiere … Continue reading

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Comic Books and Me: A Nerdy Coming of Age Story

I don’t remember when I encountered my first comic book, or my first superhero. But I’m pretty sure both were Spider-Man. My parents encouraged me to pursue whatever interested in me, and for a kid who liked Power Rangers and … Continue reading

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Star Wars, Cultural DNA, and a Deadpool Reference

I have a confession to make to you guys. It’s a big one. This isn’t something I tell most people. Ready? Here goes. I read Star Wars novels. And I really like them. Yes, once again. I’m one of those … Continue reading

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“Homer, you’re singing the theme song right now!”

There’s a wonderful moment in The Simpsons where Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders are having to journey out into the thick snow, and Ned complains that Homer no longer has the plow from his short-lived snow plow business (one of … Continue reading

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Arrivals and Introductions

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Come on in. (I’ve always wanted to start a piece of writing that way… dream: accomplished.) Anyway, I’m Jake Muncy, a Junior from Fort Worth, TX. I’m a declared English major who really … Continue reading

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