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So Long, Farewell

Well it’s the end of the semester and my, what a ride it has been.  Throughout this semester, I feel like we have covered an incredible range of topics; everything from cults to Disneyland to laugh tracks to genocide to … Continue reading

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Unfortunately enough for all my blog’s devout followers, I have made a rather large mistake.  This posting is my feeble attempt to somehow make up for it.  I should start at the beginning.  Buckle up.  Our video assignments were due … Continue reading

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How to Kill a Guy in 10 Days

Not that I’ve ever tried, or ever hope to!  Read on, males, I promise its safe.  When we were first assigned this video project I was very excited, I thought it sounded like tons of fun.  I thought “At the end … Continue reading

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Maybe they are for big kids..

Unfortunately, I have never actually picked up a comic book before 2302.  My knowledge of comic books is very limited, made up of solely the need-to-knows that my boyfriend told me about The Dark Knight and Captain America to keep … Continue reading

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Too Old for Tatooine?

I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies nor have I ventured into the culture surrounding them.  My few impressions of Star Wars came from my calculus professor in high school who loved Star Wars and kept an … Continue reading

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A professional baseball player, a shaman, and Indiana Jones round two..

There is an incredible amount of attention being devoted to the impending doom of 2012. The details of what, how and why could not be more varied. But one thing is for sure. Whatever is going to happen is going … Continue reading

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If all your friends were jumping off a bridge…

We’ve all survived high school. You deserve a pat on the back for that alone. You made it out relatively unscathed, and yea, you may have a few more scars that you did upon entry but congratulations, your diploma’s getting … Continue reading

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My TerriTORI

My name is Victoria Perko, but pretty much everybody calls me Tori.  I’m a sophomore here at Trinity and my game plan (as of right now) is to double major in Psychology and Communications, which is why I’m taking this … Continue reading

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