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I cannot believe that it is the last day of class! It seems like just yesterday I was reading over the syllabus for the first time, absolutely dreading the video project. But I survived the creativity and made it to … Continue reading

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This assignment has been stressing me out since the first day of classes. Creativity isn’t exactly my thing, and I have been dreading the trailer all semester. I was also intimidated by Premiere, but I quickly realized the similarities between … Continue reading

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Putting Comics on My Radar

When I reflect back on my childhood, it is clear that comics were never my thing. What’s not clear, however, is why they weren’t my thing. The only explanation I can gather is that they were my sister’s thing, thus … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know Star Wars?!

Star Wars and I have never mixed well. I have never sat down to watch the movies, but nor have I ever had even the slightest desire to do so. My little exposure comes from middle school band, where on … Continue reading

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Great News! The Mayan Aliens may not exterminate us.

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, began a tradition within his religion of anticipating the end of the world. The first Mormon guess was that the world would end sometime around 1832, … Continue reading

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Coming Next Week to the COMM2302 Blog…

Perhaps the manipulation that I find myself falling victim to most often is the “Coming Next Week!” trailer at the end of a show. We all know they edit in a way that makes it seem alluring, when it is really … Continue reading

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Here goes nothing…

My name is Annie Clarke, and I am a senior Psychology major. I am from Austin, Texas, and believe that there is no better city in the country, and would love nothing more than to move back there after college. … Continue reading

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