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So the semester has come to an end. It’s crazy how quickly time flies. I cannot believe that I have just finished my first semester in college. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take this Media Interpretation … Continue reading

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The Society of the Deranged

When I first began this video trailer project, I started off working on Pirates of the Caribbean. However, after ripping the DVD I realized how unfamiliar I was with the movie, I mean I had seen it before, but I … Continue reading

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Honestly, I’ve was never really into reading comic books growing up as a child. I do in fact remember, and actually still do, owning this large, hardback comic book of Snoopy–with all the adventures it entails– but never actually sitting … Continue reading

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So Sorry Ewok.

My memory of my first encounter with the Star Wars saga is a bit hazy, since I have always remembered it being there, but never really ever getting into the whole Star Wars phenomenon. As a young girl, I remember … Continue reading

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Eschatology: The Study of the End of the World

Eschatology- the study of the end of the world. While different stances on the way in which the world will end are taken, including the infamous 2012 theory or on a more theological note- the second coming of Christ, the … Continue reading

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Manipulative Much?

  “Well, I married my dream girl I married my dream girl But she didn’t tell me her credit was bad So now instead of living in a pleasant suburb Free Credit Report Commercial We’re living in the basement at … Continue reading

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Intro to Me.

Hello, my name is Jessica Needle, and I am a freshman here at Trinity! I am originally from El Paso, Tx, but moved to Houston my junior year in high school  because of my dad’s work. I wasn’t exactly a … Continue reading

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